Coming Soon: Feeds from The Ringer.

Hello everyone,

I try not to post here unless there’s something noteworthy, and today there is, with the launch of The Ringer’s website. It’s being hosted on Medium, which is Feedburner compatible. (I got to test this with Bill Barnwell when I launched the site.) So I’ll be adding all Ringer writers later today.

If you’re subscribed by email, I would heartily encourage you to unsubscribe for the day because you’re going to get like 50 emails if you don’t. I’m going to add them around 9PM Eastern tonight.

Also, if you’re curious about the ad revenue (or lack thereof) that the site generates, I wrote about it a little while back on my personal blog.

Anyway, tell your friends. The site isn’t going anywhere and will be a little bit better later today.

Scheduled downtime this Thursday morning.

Hey everyone, just a quick note that my host is performing scheduled maintenance this Thursday from 10AM-12PM Eastern, 7AM-9AM Pacific. The site will be unavailable for some chunk of that time and may be intermittent. Thanks for your patience and thanks for the support, reddit mail, etc.

Pour one out for Kimono.

Hello everyone,

I try to limit these posts to only when necessary, and this is one of those times. I was notified by email a few days ago that is closing its doors as part of joining a larger big data company. As of 2/29, the APIs will stop working. I leverage Kimono for a number of feeds, so on March 1st these authors will no longer get posted for the foreseeable future:

Rembert Browne
Chuck Klosterman
Jonah Keri
Robert Mays
Charles P. Pierce
John Lopez

I’ll be looking into alternatives but I’ll be honest, there’s not a lot of them and I’ve already done a significant amount of research. Feedburner is about the only one left and it doesn’t get most of those listed right. I cannot commit the time to bringing in anything by hand, or building a system myself to automate it. If you have any tools you wish to share with me, you can get a hold of me through any of the social media channels listed in the sidebar or via reddit mail, which is linked in the footer.

There was a period of about two weeks where none of the social media channels were working, and emails were not being sent out. The issue has been fixed and was due to cloning this site into a beta site, apparently you can’t just move WordPress around like you used to be able to. Lesson learned, and thanks to Adam at Jetpack for fixing things on their side.

The site is also available over HTTPS and I encourage people to use HTTPS whenever possible.

Thanks for reading and I hope the site remains useful for you without the authors that will be leaving for at least a little while.

User Registration Added

Hello everyone, this is my first time actually posting on the site. I want to thank everyone for the support, getting the word out on reddit and sbnation and forums all over the place. The response has been quite gratifying.

Today I’ve added a feature that I know the site has needed since day 1: A custom home┬ápage. When you register an account here, you’ll be able to specify which authors you wish to follow, and you’ll get a front page with only their articles. You’ll still be able to check other writers by clicking their category in the sidebar (or logging out, I suppose). I would encourage you to check the box for this category, “ (Meta)” as it is the primary way I’ll be announcing new writer feeds. That way, you’ll be in the know as soon as new feeds are added.

I have a couple more things I need to do before I consider the site “launched” but thanks again for the support, suggestions, and comments.