Coming Soon: Feeds from The Ringer.

Hello everyone,

I try not to post here unless there’s something noteworthy, and today there is, with the launch of The Ringer’s website. It’s being hosted on Medium, which is Feedburner compatible. (I got to test this with Bill Barnwell when I launched the site.) So I’ll be adding all Ringer writers later today.

If you’re subscribed by email, I would heartily encourage you to unsubscribe for the day because you’re going to get like 50 emails if you don’t. I’m going to add them around 9PM Eastern tonight.

Also, if you’re curious about the ad revenue (or lack thereof) that the site generates, I wrote about it a little while back on my personal blog.

Anyway, tell your friends. The site isn’t going anywhere and will be a little bit better later today.