Q: So this is Bill Simmons or something?
A: If this was Bill Simmons, the site would look a hell of a lot nicer. I’m just an IT guy that missed my daily browsing of grantland.com and couldn’t remember where all the writers ended up with a gun to my head.

Q: Is there any ads/shady stuff going on here?
A: As I said, I’m an IT guy. Embedding some sort of nasty or ad is asking for the worst sort of karmic retribution I can think of. The site costs me nearly nothing to run, but what I decided to do to make some beer money is link to books from former Grantland writers on Amazon. Buy the book, buy me a beer. That’s a great deal really, and there’s something about ‘dead tree’ books for basketball that I really love.

Q: You’re missing writer x.
A: I probably am, sorry. I haven’t tracked down all of them, and some like Jonathan Abrams have committed to a new gig but haven’t written anything for said gig at the time of this writing. Also, some writers have gone to sites that don’t have a proper author feed, and the site doesn’t work with Kimono or Feedburner, e.g., The Verge. I will check periodically though, and try to get everyone, and I do reach out to the sites that aren’t cooperating to see if they can provide the feeds I need.¬†Check the Full Writer Directory page in the sidebar to see the status of everyone, and message me if there’s someone I missed.

Q: Why are Rembert Browne’s posts dated January 1, 1970?
A: Those are posts from places where the RSS feed doesn’t provide a proper date. I have a support case open with the creator of the plugin that largely drives the site, to have it use the current time if it can’t find one.

Q: Why can’t I just read the full article here?
A: Two reasons. One, because the content creators and their employers deserve to make a living, and on the internet that means going to their websites and viewing their advertisements. Two. because every one of these writers has gone somewhere with numerous lawyers ready to crack some skulls. I have a good thing going in life and I’m not looking for those problems. In the wise words of Kanye, ¬†“If you can do it better than me, then you do it.”

Q: Why do some articles (e.g., Jalen & Jacoby) show up twice in a row?
A: Because ESPN seems to put the first post out, decide they don’t like the title, then put another one out. It’s not anything on my side to control, and I’m simply not going to commit to trying to remove duplicates by hand for all eternity.